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Circle Vocab Picture

I don’t give vocabulary assignments very often. I usually teach it as we go in context of the lesson. Every now and then front-loading vocabulary will make lessons flow more smoothly. That’s the case with our circle unit. I can’t take credit for creating this project, but I really do like it. Students have to look up the words then create a picture with circles and label each one. Once I begin the lessons on this they are already familiar with the vocab. One student ask me today if we could do this more often, “Anytime you can color in math, it’s a good day.” We actually color in Geometry often, so I guess he has a lot of good days ­čÖé I’ve listed a few examples below and then attached the Slides I gave them with more examples. Use it freely and, if you want to, let me know if you do. ┬áI love it when others can benefit from something I already do.

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Link to Slides for the activity prompt, vocab list and other examples.

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Popcorn Containers

To reinforce the formula for the volume of a cone, I have my students create a cone and cylinder with the same radius and height, I pop a huge bag of popcorn, then we see if 3 cones full of popcorn will fill their cylinder. ┬áI could have my students google the process of making a cone with a specific height but it takes awhile┬áso I give them the process. ┬áIf you have a few days to spend on it, having them come up with the process┬áwould be a great way to add rigor to the project. ┬áI’ve added my note sheet at the bottom that includes the process and reflection.

Popcorn Container Doc

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Superhero Transformations

I found this project a few years ago and I’ve had the students create them on paper. ┬áThe products are always very impressive and students love the project. ┬áThe original link can be found here. This year I wanted the students to create online using Google Docs and Draw. ┬áIt was a little bit of a learning curve, but I like that the student used the transformation tools built into Google Docs. ┬áI’ve posted a few examples below and also my updated version of the original project I linked to┬áabove. ┬áIt really helps the students visualize transformations and helps them use this vocabulary in context of their situation.

Comic Transformation Map - Madelyn Fuller




Information Sheet & Scoring Guide