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Hi, I’m Mandi. I’m a high school math teacher, technology nerd, learning junkie, and author of Make Math Not Suck. I hope you find inspiration and ideas to make your classroom the best for your students.

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Recent Blog Posts

Canva for EDU, part 4

This is the final Canva for EDU post (for now) but I have only scratched the surface of what Canva can do for you in the classroom. Canva for Edu Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 Classroom Kits Let’s start by looking at the EDU menu you see when you hover over templates in… Continue reading Canva for EDU, part 4

Canva for EDU, part 3

More Canva fun for week 3. Check out week 1 and week 2 for more. This week we will focus on student gift ideas, newsletters, and comics. Student gift ideas Bookmarks We want to encourage reading over the summer, and what better way than to give students a bookmark. Canva has a ton of bookmark… Continue reading Canva for EDU, part 3

Canva for EDU part 2

Last week I started a short series on all the ways you can use the free Canva for educators. Check it out here. This week we will focus on certificates, videos, cards & resumes. Certificates I’ve been in education long enough that I remember Print Shop software that you could print on a dot matrix… Continue reading Canva for EDU part 2