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I love to help teachers with new ideas and new ways of thinking about teaching students. Please contact me if you would like me to speak with your school.

Google Outside the Lines – Use G Suite for EDU tools for so much more than they were originally intended. Docs are not just for typing papers, Slides are not just for presentation, Sheets can do so much more than you can imagine, plus some other lesser known G Suite apps like Forms and Keep. You will have not leave without a new idea to implement in your classroom.

Google Outside the Lines – The Next Chapter – There is some much amazingness in G Suite for EDU that Google Outside the Lines requires a second session. Continue to use G Suite Apps in ways you could never imagine.

Bitmojis in the Classroom – Bitmojis make learning more fun but you can also use them to create some very deep thinking lessons. Learn how to use Bitmojis in your classroom in ways you never imagined. [Bitmoji is a 13+ app so this is designed for Middle and High School]

Knowledge Chaser NOT Point Collector – How many points is this worth? Have you heard this in your classroom? Learn how to shift students focus from collecting points to wanting to seek knowledge. This is a life-long skill we want students to have.

Slide into Awesomeness – Google Slides is my favorite Google App. It will do so much more than just make fun presentations. Learn some of the fun presentation features built into Slides but also how to use slides to create engaging, collaborative, and deep-thinking lessons for students.

It’s a Keeper – Google Keep is a cloud-based sticky note app. Or is it? Learn how to do more than making sticky notes with Keep. Ideas include: student and teacher planners that connect to your calendar and saving items from Twitter.

Technology in the Math Classroom – The #1 comment I hear from technology coordinators and administrators is “My math teachers say they can’t use technology for math.” I use it every single day and not as a worksheet replacement. Learn how to use technology in the math classroom to help you students collaborate, create, think critically, and communicate outside the walls of your classroom.

iPad vs. Chromebook smackdown – Not sure which device to go with for your math classroom? I explore different technologies and share which ones work better for each device.

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