Work with Me

I love to help teachers with new ideas and new ways of thinking about teaching students. Please contact me if you would like me to speak with your school or at your conference. Below are just a FEW of the many topics I can talk about. Don’t hesitate to ask about a specific topic.

Make School Not Suck – Keynote – For many students, school is a place they HAVE to go. It may be the place where they get their one meal, and see their friends. It may be the place that causes them anxiety and fear of not being good enough. Let’s tap into what students bring into the classroom and use that to make school not suck for them.

Mind Blowing Math with Google Apps – Technology in the math classroom can be so much more than just calculators and Desmos. This session provides many, many ideas, examples, and templates to create engaging math lessons for face to face, blended, and virtual learning. You will not only leave this session with a buffet of resources but your mind will be blown. 

Google Outside the Lines – Use G Suite for EDU tools for so much more than they were originally intended. Docs are not just for typing papers, Slides are not just for presentation, Sheets can do so much more than you can imagine, plus some other lesser known G Suite apps like Forms and Keep. You will have not leave without a new idea to implement in your classroom.

Google Outside the Lines – The Next Chapter – There is some much amazingness in G Suite for EDU that Google Outside the Lines requires a second session. Continue to use G Suite Apps in ways you could never imagine.

Google Drawing. The Little Red Corvette– Have you used Google Drawing? You know, the little red Google Icon. Learn how to use this sleek little tool to create your own images for your classroom. Want to create furniture for a Bitmoji classroom, this is it. Want to create digital stickers for your students, Yep! Need to create a mind map, Drawing has it covered. Come take a ride in the Little Red Corvette of Google Apps, Google Drawing!

Stop Motion Magic Potion-Use magic ingredients to create stop motion videos for your classroom. See examples of stop motion videos created by students and instructional videos to help students. You will have the opportunity to create your own stop motion video during the session. 

Es-cap-ay Room. That’s funny, it’s spelled just like ‘Escape’ Room-mDigital Escape rooms provide students the opportunity to collaborate, think, and have fun. This session will provide you with the steps and resources needed to create your own digital escape room. Es-cap-ay the boring with Digital Escape Rooms.

Self-Checking Google Slides-Present a lesson, provide questions, and allow students to check their own work, all in Google Slides. This is great for virtual learning or differentiation in a seated classroom.

Bitmojis in the Classroom – Bitmojis make learning more fun but you can also use them to create some very deep thinking lessons. Learn how to use Bitmojis in your classroom in ways you never imagined. [Bitmoji is a 13+ app so this is designed for Middle and High School]

Knowledge Chaser NOT Point Collector – How many points is this worth? Have you heard this in your classroom? Learn how to shift students focus from collecting points to wanting to seek knowledge. This is a life-long skill we want students to have.

Slide into Awesomeness – Google Slides is my favorite Google App. It will do so much more than just make fun presentations. Learn some of the fun presentation features built into Slides but also how to use slides to create engaging, collaborative, and deep-thinking lessons for students.

It’s a Keeper – Google Keep is a cloud-based sticky note app. Or is it? Learn how to do more than making sticky notes with Keep. Ideas include: student and teacher planners that connect to your calendar and saving items from Twitter.