Winter Tech Blizzard 2022

It’s that time of year. Time for a snow storm of technology ideas, templates, and resources. This is the fourth year I’ve shared activities and I’m loving the Winter Tech Blizzard theme. I hope you check back daily to see what has been shared. Each day a new snowflake will appear on the Winter Tech… Continue reading Winter Tech Blizzard 2022

Qualities of a Leader

A few weeks ago, my students asked me what I thought a good principal looked like. I’ve had my share of admin and I’ve observed others on social media. Here was my response. Some leaders are very people oriented. If they asked, people would get in the car with them. But, they only drive circles… Continue reading Qualities of a Leader


PowerPointers? Too much? I struggled with a title for this series, probably because I am a Google fan but Power Point has its benefits and I do use it. @elementarylittles showed up on my Insta feed with a PowerPoint series. Some of them I know, but some were fun little tips I didn’t. I’ll share… Continue reading PowerPointers

Tech or Treat 2022

It’s time!!! Time for Spooky Season Tech or Treat. Check back Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, and Halloween for some fun Tech or Treats (or both!).


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