Transparent Stop Motion

A few years ago, I posted about how to make Stop Motion animated GIFs using Google Slides and Tall Tweets. You can see that tutorial HERE. Tall Tweets Update (not transparent) Since that time, Tall Tweets has made some updates. So before I launch into how to make TRANSPARENT stop motion animations, let me show… Continue reading Transparent Stop Motion

Self-Checking Google Sheets

This is not the first self-checking Google Sheet tutorial I’ve shared. This is just ANOTHER example of what you can do with Google Sheets. You can see the Pixel Art tutorial here. I’ve learned a few new tricks since then and have improved the process making it harder for students to find the answers in… Continue reading Self-Checking Google Sheets

Dot & Line, Issue 1

The idea of creating an e-zine instead of a monthly tech newsletter has been rattling around in my head for awhile. I finally decided to go for it and see how everyone likes it. So I am introducing I would love constructive feedback or suggestions for articles you would like to see in the next… Continue reading Dot & Line, Issue 1


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