Magic Squares Puzzle

I stumbled upon this post on Twitter this past week about an Escape Room puzzle idea. You know how much I LOVE making escape rooms so I thought I give it a try. WOW! What a cool idea. His name is Jason Pullano and you should give him a follow on (my favorite social media)… Continue reading Magic Squares Puzzle

PDF Candy

Multiple times in the past few weeks I have been asked questions about turning PDFs teachers have found, or in one case the PDF version of something they created (because they lost the original file), into Word Documents. First, no program does this perfectly, even programs you pay for, but anything that reduces typing will… Continue reading PDF Candy

Fun with Fonts

If you are at all like me then you LOVE fonts. On my mac I have downloaded WAAAAAY too many fonts. I even have an “unused” fonts folder I created for those fonts I want to keep but just don’t need very often. My favorite GO TO font source to use with Keynote, PowerPoint, Word,… Continue reading Fun with Fonts


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