Canva for EDU, part 3

More Canva fun for week 3. Check out week 1 and week 2 for more. This week we will focus on student gift ideas, newsletters, and comics. Student gift ideas Bookmarks We want to encourage reading over the summer, and what better way than to give students a bookmark. Canva has a ton of bookmark… Continue reading Canva for EDU, part 3

Canva for EDU part 2

Last week I started a short series on all the ways you can use the free Canva for educators. Check it out here. This week we will focus on certificates, videos, cards & resumes. Certificates I’ve been in education long enough that I remember Print Shop software that you could print on a dot matrix… Continue reading Canva for EDU part 2

Canva For EDU Part 1

I love Google Drawing! (Wait, isn’t this titled Canva for EDU???) Yes, yes it is, but there is a reason I started with I love Google Drawing. I have always used Google Drawing to create my templates and images, and so many other things and I didn’t really give Canva a fair shake. Well, it’s… Continue reading Canva For EDU Part 1

Video Candy

I have been using PDF Candy for awhile now. You can check out my previous blog post here. Pam Hubler on Twitter shared Video Candy and I’m super excited about it. The stop motion one is fun. It takes a video and then puts the stops in that make it look like you made it… Continue reading Video Candy


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