PowerPointers? Too much? I struggled with a title for this series, probably because I am a Google fan but Power Point has its benefits and I do use it. @elementarylittles showed up on my Insta feed with a PowerPoint series. Some of them I know, but some were fun little tips I didn’t. I’ll share a few today.

Selecting Fonts

Wordmark.it is a fun website that will show you what words look like in the fonts on your computer. You do have to authorize the system to access your fonts. It uses Local Font Access functionality through your Chrome or Edge browser to do so. Check out her post below.

Translate in a PowerPoint

This next feature is such a game changer. You can translate your PowerPoint right inside of PowerPoint. How cool is that?

I hope you check out her account for more PowerPointers. She has a lot to share.

disclaimer: I don’t know this person, I just found her PowerPoint series to be helpful.

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