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Syllabus Ideas

My class syllabus has changed a lot over the years, as have my teaching practices. As we get ready for our students to arrive, I thought it would be a good idea to share some fun and creative ways to create a class syllabus.


I will be using Canva for my class syllabus this year. I’m using one of their resume templates and there are soooo many to choose from. I had this idea while updating my resume at the end of last year, then I saw @historysandaval share hers and I knew I was on to something.

I used Brown & Beige Minimalist Elegant Web Designer Resume template and changed it up to fit my color and style choice. I may make the font bigger and do two-sided like in previous years, but I love how it looks!

Here are some additional examples of Canva syllabi from Twitter:

Google Slides

I have used Google Slides for the last few years. Here are two templates I have used often. You can go into the theme builder section and change the colors.

I’ve also seen some people share their Syllabus in Google Slides making it linkable. This wouldn’t work for me because my students don’t get their devices until the end of the first week so I have to print mine. If you don’t need to print, then this could be a great option.


Here is an example from Amanda Sandaval that I have not used, but saved because it’s a super fun idea. She used Google Drawing to create it, but you could also use Google Slides.

Have fun creating your syllabus and best wishes for the start to a new school year!

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Syllabus Activity

I have been a fan of John Meehan since he wrote a guest blog post on Ditch That Textbook. His book EdRenaline Rush is also amazing! He is a very helpful, kind, giving educator that you should definitely follow on Twitter.

This is an activity he posted last year and again this year. Many people have taken his idea and put a spin on it. Here is mine, along with some resources I use. Full credit goes to John. I’m so glad he is part of my PLN!!!

We will begin remotely this year, not because of Covid but because of an “air-quality” issue in our building, resulting in a complete gut our our building. All of our books, resources, supplies, decorations, etc. were thrown in the trash. 😦 That was 20 years of memories gone. The good news is when we return, our building will be safe for staff and students (well Covid safety measures will still be in place!!!).

Since I will start virtually, this activity is set up for remote students. John has his set up for in-person OR virtual.

Inside this activity I link to the following:

click to open

This template has additional colors to choose from.

click to open

This is the same about you activity I’ve shared before. I made the header match our theme.

click to open

John has some of this type activity on Twitter if you want to give choices. Choices are good!

Click to open

This is a different syllabus template I’ve used in the past. You can also change the background color.

I know this seems like more work that just printing your syllabus, but imagine the excitement for your students to explore and learn about your class in a fun way and not just listen to you as you explain your syllabus.

If you make one of these, please tweet out to John @MeehanEDU and me @MandiTolenEDU. We would LOVE!!!!! to see them.