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Get to Know You Doodle

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In the episode linked below, Carrie and I doodled our name and the turned them into characters.

Well… Carrie turned this idea into a welcome activity for her classroom. And I loved the idea so much, I’m doing the same thing. Now, Carrie has middle school special education kiddos and I have high school Juniors and Seniors in math so our set-up looked a little different. But we can both do this activity, modifying it to fit our students.

Carrie’s activity

I’m going to ask each class if they would prefer to choose from the prompts OR we can do a bowl that knows situation in the classroom and draw out a prompt. Either way, I think this is going to be fun for the first day of school when some of my students don’t have their laptops yet.

If you use this idea, tag me (@MandiTolenEDU), Carrie (@carrie_baughcum) and #DoodleAndChat on Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok. We would love see what you do!

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Get to know you APP activity

I can’t take credit for this slide deck. It was inspire by a TikTok from @Heidi. She also has her original version available on TpT if you want to purchase it from her. Mine is slightly different but includes the same apps.

I like this activity because it give students a choice from day one. It also allows students to explore using Google Slides, an app we use A LOT in class.

Click the link above to view and make your own copy. You may alter it in anyway to fit the needs in your classroom. Also, go give @Heidi a follow on TikTok. She shares some great ideas.

I have many other get to know you activities you might want to check out.

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Student Choice Finals

Our district requires us to give a final. We didn’t last year because we has so many absences due to quarantine and illness. Well, that hasn’t changed for this year but they wanted finals anyway. We always give the reason for finals as preparation for college. Some students are not planning to attend a 4-year institution and that’s ok! They don’t need that preparation. I have 2 of my own children in two different colleges and I can tell you they don’t take finals in every course. Some courses replace their lowest test score with the final, some allow you to take it if you want to raise your grade, and some just don’t have a final. So why do we insist in high school that students take finals?

The answer to that question needs to be a different blog post. For now, my students needed a final and I didn’t want them to have the pressure of another test right after Winter break. You read that correctly. After 2 weeks out of school, we want students to come back and take comprehensive final exams!?! My solution was a reflection choice board.

click to open

I provided quick (and not very good if I’m being honest) examples of each. I have since replaced some of them with student examples. The most popular choice was the meme and the second most popular choice was a sketchnote. I only had one student ask me if they could just take a test. I did not have one prepared so it wasn’t an option. I’m not sure if I will add that option next time either. I love that they looked through all their worked and picked 2 from each unit. The students really enjoyed it too. I love to read their reflections at the end as well. Most students were sincere about their responses and I think they got a lot more out of this activity than they would a test.

I know finals are probably already over for you as well, but hopefully you can file this away for the Spring.

For those who follow both blogs, I will be reposting this on Make Math Not Suck too!