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Get to Know You Doodle

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In the episode linked below, Carrie and I doodled our name and the turned them into characters.

Well… Carrie turned this idea into a welcome activity for her classroom. And I loved the idea so much, I’m doing the same thing. Now, Carrie has middle school special education kiddos and I have high school Juniors and Seniors in math so our set-up looked a little different. But we can both do this activity, modifying it to fit our students.

Carrie’s activity

I’m going to ask each class if they would prefer to choose from the prompts OR we can do a bowl that knows situation in the classroom and draw out a prompt. Either way, I think this is going to be fun for the first day of school when some of my students don’t have their laptops yet.

If you use this idea, tag me (@MandiTolenEDU), Carrie (@carrie_baughcum) and #DoodleAndChat on Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok. We would love see what you do!