Quadratic Scavenger Hunt & Foldable

Through #MTBoS I found a video from (insert name here when I find it again) talking about using Google in the classroom.  I’m always looking for ideas I haven’t thought of before.  Most of the video was reinforcement for what I already do but he did have a foldable (please comment if this is yours so I can credit you) created in Google Slides.  I loved it.

I combined this foldable with a QR scavenger hunt to reinforce question prompts in quadratic word problems.  This was a thinking activity for the students.  They don’t usually like thinking activities. They did enjoy the QR part and I could tell by the discussions at the tables that thinking was happening.  In the end, they had a resource to use while working their practice problems.

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Below are the links to my files.  They are set to read only so you’ll have to make a copy to use them.  You will also want to make your own QR codes so students are pulling these images from your Drive.  I used the goo.gl extension in my Chrome browser.


Image 1      Image 2     Image 3      Image 4

If you use this idea please leave a comment or send me a tweet.  I love to get ideas from others too!

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Superhero Transformations

I found this project a few years ago and I’ve had the students create them on paper.  The products are always very impressive and students love the project.  The original link can be found here. This year I wanted the students to create online using Google Docs and Draw.  It was a little bit of a learning curve, but I like that the student used the transformation tools built into Google Docs.  I’ve posted a few examples below and also my updated version of the original project I linked to above.  It really helps the students visualize transformations and helps them use this vocabulary in context of their situation.

Comic Transformation Map - Madelyn Fuller




Information Sheet & Scoring Guide

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Tech Showcase at #SJSDEdWeek

Thanks to all of the teachers in the St. Joseph School District who said yes when I asked them to present!https://app.emaze.com/@ALFIOWTL/edweek-tech-showcasePowered by emaze


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Face Q

This is a totally un-math related post.  My daughter downloaded the iPhone app FaceQ not long ago.  It was super fun creating avatars.  I can’t say “use this in your classroom” because it does have profanity as some of the extra options.  I’m still debating about using it for my students.  It’s very easy to use and if anything, something for your personal use when you don’t want to upload an actual picture.

2014-08-24 13.16.03 Here’s one of me and my teaching buddies.  I put it into a collage to display. It actually creates one image that can be shared or saved to the camera roll. 

2014-08-25 15.00.06This is my rendition of my 11 year old son.

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 9.25.07 AM


Happy creating!


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Welcome to the show

Welcome to the Dog and Pony Show.  For those of you who know me, you may find the humor in that statement.  For those of you joining me for the first time, please don’t take offense, I say it with pride.  The purpose of this blog is to share successes and failures from my classroom. I have been under the impression that no one would be interested in what I do in my classroom, but a very wise man convinced me that wasn’t the case.  I hope you find something in these pages that will be useful to you in your educational journey.


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