Canva for EDU, part 3

More Canva fun for week 3. Check out week 1 and week 2 for more.

This week we will focus on student gift ideas, newsletters, and comics.

Student gift ideas


We want to encourage reading over the summer, and what better way than to give students a bookmark. Canva has a ton of bookmark templates, but as always, you could make your own. You can print these in color and laminate them yourself, and add a fun tassel if you want. You could print these two sided and put a check list on the back so students can keep track of the books they read over the summer.

Using the believe in yourself bookmark you see above, here is the bookmark customized with my student’s name and a reading list for the back.


What student wouldn’t love a sheet of custom stickers? Ok, what TEACHER wouldn’t love a sheet of custom stickers :-). You can use the templates available in Canva OR you can create you own. You can even use Bitmojis or Canva’s built in character creator. If you plan ahead, you can print your stickers in Canva. You can also just use adhesive paper and print them on a color printer. If you want to get fancy, you can use a laminate on just the top to make them more water resistant. You can cut them into squares, or if you have a Cricut or Silhouette machine you could make die cut stickers.


The templates come in the formatted sizes you see on the left in the image, but if you plan to use your own tools to print and cut, you can definitely make die cut stickers. Canva has a download as .SVG option (the file most cutting machines use) but I usually use a .PNG and then use the trace feature to put my cut lines around it.


The newsletter templates available in Canva are amazing. My large district uses Canva to send out monthly updates to the staff. Once the newsletter is created, you can share right from Canva. Super simple and super easy to use.

Once you have created your newsletter, go to share. You can send a view only link or you can share as a website. Our district uses the website option so it is optimized by screen size. Either option will keep links active for the viewer. You can also schedule the release of your newsletter with the free education account.


If you’ve been around my blog any amount of time, you know I love to create comics in my classroom. I have Google templates that I have used in the past. Canva is another free options to make comics. Canva has many layouts for comics and you can always start from scratch.

Canva has a blank layout that comes with character components you can use in the comic.

Canva also has a character builder where you can create your own characters to use in any creation. While in your comic (or any creation) click on more in the left panel and character builder is the face. This same area also has Pixton which contains even more characters to use. You do have to sign in to Pixton to use the features.

Using the template from above, I changed it to add photos, put a background (that students can change) and added story boxes. I would definitely demonstrate my process with students in class and give them time to explore.

Next week will be the final Canva post. I know I will only scratch the surface of everything Canva can do, but hopefully I have shown you something worth trying and you will explore.

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