Canva for EDU part 2

Last week I started a short series on all the ways you can use the free Canva for educators. Check it out here.

This week we will focus on certificates, videos, cards & resumes.


I’ve been in education long enough that I remember Print Shop software that you could print on a dot matrix printer. There was something nostalgic about looking through the certificate options that took me back to those Print Shop days. Canva says it has 7690 certificate options and, of course, you can customize them to anything you want.

I had a teacher who printed a certificate for every student in the class displaying a quality of that student. I have never been organized to do this with my 150 students each year but I know it would make them feel special. I have one student this year who was super shy so when we worked at the board (I use the Building Mathematical Thinking principles) she struggled to communicate with her team. She is now sharing her ideas and even visiting with them during seat time. This is a certificate I would give to her.

Stock Certificate in Canva
My updates in Canva


This is a template I never thought to look for but WOW does it create a professional looking video. There are some back-to-school templates, tutorials, promotional videos and so much more. Some of our classes are electives and I know they are always promoting their classes to get students involved. This would be a great way to do that. You could also create a professional looking end of the year video to share with families. In my video below I included images and video clips. The best part is that you can send a view link to the video right from Canva.

Click to view video


I wanted to share about the cards and invitations because you can print them from Canva. I ordered some for my daughter’s wedding shower and they were great quality and super affordable. I created her shower invitation from scratch, but as you’ve seen from other ideas in Canva, there are TONS of templates available. Since teacher appreciation just ended, maybe you need some thank you cards.

This templates was perfect for me! And when you click on share you can print your design is so many formats: t-shirts, stickers, postcards, folded cards, and so much more.

Share – print design
Postcard option


Tis the season to be looking, so if you are looking for a new position, new school, or new career, the resumes on Canva are a game changer. There are so many options and I personalize my letter of interest to match my resume. I chose to replace the photo with my name logo, but many people include a photo. You do what you are comfortable with. With 7,062 templates to choose from, I’m sure you will find one that fits your personality. A friend of mine even changes her color scheme to match the school she is interviewing at. She calls it the Elle Woods touch. It worked because she will be an assistant principal next year.

Come back next week for part 3 and happy creating.

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