Google App – Scan, Translate, and Read Text

Teacher TikTok is a great source of information. It’s a little but dangerous because it’s addictive and not always a “healthy” doses of information depending on the rabbit holes you travel down.

I saw this tip from many educators on TikTok and thought it might be something you all would find helpful. It’s the Google App for your phone. I have it on iOs but it should definitely be available on an android device (I mean it is Google).

Go the the App store and download the Google App. Here is a direct link.

You can do some pretty amazing things with this app.

Grab the text from a printed page.

When the app is open, click the button right next to the search bar.

Position your camera over the text until the words you want to select are highlighted. Then press the circle magnifying glass button.

Click the select text button and it will select all of the text on the page. You can also just highlight the part that you want and select it.

Once you select the text, you have the option to copy the text, or copy to computer. We will talk about the other options a little later.

If you copy, you can open a Google Doc or Slide on your phone and paste it in.

If you select copy to computer (iOs) it copies to your computer clipboard and you can paste it into a Doc or Slide on your computer.

Have Text Read to You

Highlight the section you want to listen to and click the listen button. Google will read the selection to you.

I am scanning a book in this example so it will read books to your or your students.

Translate and Read

Highlight the text you want and click the translate button.

You can select the language you want. Once you select the language you can copy and paste the text


you can have the translated version READ TO YOU. Imagine the impact on your ELL students!

I am excited about what this means for my kiddos. I have two classes of students who struggle to read and many ELL students. This could be a game changer for them.

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