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Google Chrome Custom Homepage

Do you have a lot of links you need to access every day in your classroom? Same! You can create a custom Google Chrome homepage with links to sites you need to visit. This post will give an example in Canva and Google Sheets and show you how to turn the homepage button on in Google Chrome.


In Canva you can design a desktop and include your links. Here is an example of one I created. I searched for presentation with calendar and picked a template I liked. I altered the presentation to fit what I wanted on the page. You do have to update the calendar each month but you can search for the calendar you want and paste it in.

You will need to get the link to add to your Google Chrome Homepage. Go to share – more – then select website. Select presentation then click open website. Copy the URL at the top in the address bar. Now you can proceed to the Google Chrome section below.

Google Sheets

You can create your own design or use a template. This is a template from Slides Mania that I altered to fit what I wanted to display. Add in your links and then you will go to File and select Publish to the Web. Grab the link and move to the next section.

Google Chrome Settings

Now we need to setup your homepage. You likely to do not have the homepage button set in Chrome.

When Google Chrome is open, go to the three dots in the top right corner by your account photo and click on settings. Select appearance, click show home button and then paste the URL you copied earlier.

Now open a new tab and click the home button near the URL address box at the top.

Your new homepage with clickable links should appear. You can update this page in Canvas or Google Slides anytime and the updates will appear the next time you load your page.

I hope this makes finding your links easier.

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Bookmark Bar in Chrome

Does your bookmark bar look crazy? I sometimes have so many bookmarks that I doesn’t fit at the top. I also have websites I want to open every day and I don’t want to go looking for them. This post will help you use the bookmark tools built into Chrome to help you organize your life.

Tip 1 – Shorten or Remove Names

Most saved bookmark tabs have an icon and words. If you can quickly recognize the icon, you can remove the words to save space in your bookmark bar.

Right click (or command click) and go to Bookmark Manager.

Click the three dots next to the bookmark you want to edit. Then click the edit button.

Delete the words or shorten the words, depending on what you want to see.

Click save.

The icon takes up much less room on the tool bar.

Tip 2 – Folder for Daily Tabs

I access my Calendars every single day. I try to keep them open, but sometimes you need to restart. Now, my Chrome is set to restore tabs, but what if I want to close them for the weekend and reopen them on Monday? I can create a folder to hold the sites I need to go to daily.

I like to begin by opening the sites I want to place in the folder. You don’t have to do this, you can add them by URL if you want to. I think dragging is easy than copying and pasting the URL.

Next, I will right click in the Bookmark area and add a Folder.

Type in the name of your folder and click save.

Now you can drag each tab into the folder. Click on the tab, then click the website icon or in my case the lock icon and drag it to your folder.

The animation doesn’t show it, but when you click on the folder, the sites you added will be there.

You an always go into Bookmark manager and delete anything you no longer want.

Well, I hope this little organization tip is helpful for you. I like to keep my Bookmark bar orderly because it saves me time.