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#metc16 Sharing My Voice

Wow, my brain is on overload after the METC conference in St. Charles, MO.  I’ve been inspired by George Couros @gcouros & Rafranz Davis @rafranzdavis to share my voice not just my creations.

I set up this blog a few years ago to share content and tech ideas from my classroom (and I fail at keeping up with that sometimes). I was encourage by Sean Nash @nashworld, our technology coordinator at the time, to share what I was doing in my classroom.  I will always be grateful to Sean for that push.  I love helping other utilize tech to enhance the learning of students.

What I have been neglecting is my voice that focuses on learning.  I share this voice on Twitter through edchats like #DitchBook with @jmattmiller, #SBLchat and #MOedchat. I share my voice in person with anyone who doesn’t run from me (and sometimes my “passion” is a little too strong and they do run).  I don’t share this voice about my passion for learning here.  I plan to change that! Everything I do is to help students LEARN.  I use technology to engage students, meet them where they’re at, and to enhance (change, reinvent…) content learning.  I use standards based grading to empower students to take learning into their own hands and to show them that learning is ongoing and happens at different times for different people.  I am passionate about grades reflecting learning and not compliance or busy tasks.

I still plan to share technology ideas – please use them – it’s our duty as teachers to share our ideas so others can benefit.  But, I also plan to share my thoughts and ideas about teaching and learning.  At least on the blog I won’t know if you’re running away 🙂

Thanks George and Rafranz for challenging me!  #geekyfangirlmoment

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METC Conference Presentation

Things have been busy in the world of math and I intended to post this sooner.  I presented, with my awesome colleagues, my data teams process at METC.  It’s awesome when you know others will benefit from what you have shared.

image1 That’s us, Data Teams Easy Button.

A PDF version of my presentation is below as well as a link to each of the files.  I’ve posted these before, but it never hurts to repost.

Presentation PDF

Individual Teacher Data Form

Group Data Form (to record data for multiple teachers in one content area)
Student Data Tracking Form

I love to hear stories and see pictures of this program at work.  Comment here, email me or tweet!