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Digital Escape Room

I wrote a post a few years ago about creating digital breakout games. You can view that post here. Quite a few things have changed, so a new post was in order. Matt (@jmattmiller) was kind enough to let me be a guest blogger on his site. He also added a sweet planning guide to help you with the process. Head over to and check out the post.

How to create a digital escape room or digital breakout for your class or pd title image.

6 thoughts on “Digital Escape Room”

  1. Matt’s website is giving a Forbidden 403 error. I accessed it a few days ago. I went back to access it again, so I could create a digital escape room and now the entire site is down. I hope he is ok. Do you have any suggestions of where else I can go for escape room tutorials?

  2. Hi Mandi, I want to make a Digital Breakout for my 5th graders but our district has blocked Google Sites. Any recommendations on where to house the breakout? I can use Forms and Slides and other apps. Thank you!

    1. You can make the image in Google drawing with hot links and the Google Form just as you would before you put them in the site. Post the image as view only in Classroom and in the same post, the link to the form. They can have the form in a separate tab.

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