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Solving Equations Part Two

We split solving equations into two days.  Our curriculum has solving equations as review, but our new standard adds the explain element to problem solving.  I think it’s a good place to start the year.  I used the rest of the foldable from Everybody is a Genius, and added a few other ideas found around the web (I can’t find the source now).  I am also making files for my iPad so I can put the notes on my website for students who were absent or missed something during the process.  I like how this is working out also!


2014-09-03 07.23.50

Screen Shot 1.2 iPad Notes

The students are getting the process figured out and we aren’t taking as long getting items glued into the notebook.  We also used our data tracking sheet for the first time this week.  I’m excited to have the students enter their second assessment so they can see how much they have improved.

I have shared the link to my foldables (again, adapted from things I’ve seen on the web) and my pdf iPad files.  Two of them are Word files but you can download the fonts for free.  Just click in the font box to see what you need and head to the web for a search.

iPad Notes PDF

Distributive Property Foldable Word

Like Terms Word




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