interactive notebooking

New Year New Adventure

I’m excited to start this school year!  This summer I’ve been working on something that’s been sitting in my brain for a few years, interactive notebooking for Algebra 1.  With help from Math=Love and Everybody is a Genius I already have my first unit ready to go.  Both of these ladies have shared a lot of great ideas and files and hopefully I will have my own ideas and files to offer as the year goes on.  Biology at my school has been successfully using this process for quite some time, so I know the students will catch on quickly. I have used many parts of interactive notebooking in previous years; Foldables, color coding, and diagrams.  I think putting it together in this format will make it easier for students to stay organized, reference their notes more easily, and use their notebook as a resource.  I have included data charts and space for reflection for our priority standards, further connecting these standards to what the students are learning.  I know it will take some adjustments as the year goes on but I’m excited to begin this journey!

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