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Manage the Chrome Tab Chaos

Last week, I shared about how to set a homepage in Chrome. This week, I’m sharing a few super simple tricks that may make your workflow easier. Do you have a lot (I mean like a lot alot) of tabs open? Right now, I only have 12 open but I usually have way more than that.

Tab Groups

One way I make my tabs less chaotic is by using Tab Groups. You can right click on a tab and add it to a group.

You can select a color for the tab. You can also add a tab here, OR, if you create a tab just right click and add it to the group. The tab collapses down so you only see one tab for the group.

Name Chrome Windows

Another way you can organize Chrome is to create different windows. If you have a ton of tabs open, drag a tab away from the group and it will make a new window. Add as may tabs as you want to this new group. If you right click at the top of the window you can name this group. Now, when you hover over the window, open or in task bar, it will show you the name of the group.

One Tab & Toby

I have been using One Tab for quite some time. One Tab is an extension that allows you to close all of your tabs but keeps a list of your tabs so you can go back and open them up. You can name a group and share a group as a webpage.

Toby was just recently introduced to me but seems to work in a similar way. Naming a window group (what we just in the group before) will help you organize in Toby because you can add groups by window. It is very similar to one tab but with a better graphics interface. You can still name and share windows.

I’ve used One Tab for soooo long so now I’m going to have to decide which one I like better. The interface with Toby is way nicer but also seems a little more complicated to set up.

I have also shared about how to organize your bookmark bar if you would rather organize that way.

Hopefully you found a few ideas about how to manage the tab chaos in Chrome that will work for you.