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PDF Candy

Multiple times in the past few weeks I have been asked questions about turning PDFs teachers have found, or in one case the PDF version of something they created (because they lost the original file), into Word Documents. First, no program does this perfectly, even programs you pay for, but anything that reduces typing will help!

The resource is a safe and free site that can help with this problem. BUT, it does WAY more than just turn your PDF into a Word document. Here is a screen shot of everything it offers.

If you notice in the top left corner there is also a language converter. I haven’t personally tried this feature but it’s a bonus in my book.

I especially love the PDF to PNG or TIFF toward the bottom. I have been putting together digital notebooks in Google Docs and included some PDF pages I scanned from older resources. This allows me to turn that PDF into a image and insert the image into the Doc or Slide.

This is also helpful when you want to make a PDF more interactive for students. I’m not a fan of turning a “worksheet” into digital “worksheet” but in some cases I can see the benefit. If you have a PDF lab paper you want students to complete in their digital notebook, you can now set the PDF as the background image once your convert it. You can insert text boxes for students to comment on their lab progress.

I hope you find this website helpful. I love to pass along freebies that I find that work well.