I’m so glad you stopped by.  I’m a Missouri educator, currently teaching in a secondary math classroom.  I’m passionate about motivating students to learn and I’ve found that technology can help me achieve that goal. I’m also passionate about helping teachers in the classroom. Please don’t hesitate to contact me.


9 thoughts on “About”

  1. I was wondering if I could have an editable version of your Journey to be a mage be sent to me, and the other featured Google Forms that you posted to use with my students. They are amazing! Thank you so much!

  2. I just found your site, and I love all the detail about using Bitmoji’s. I recently created a Bitmoji and have used them in my Smart Board Presentations. All of a sudden, as of today, when I right click on the bitmoji and copy or save image as they are all coming out with a black background. This is in Chrome on my laptop. Did I accidentally change something? I can get rid of the black background in Smart Board Notebook, but the edges are fuzzy. Any advice?

    1. Ok, Bitmoji is using a WebP format now. It works like PNG but is a smaller file size. Many platforms have not updated to accept this yet. Microsoft is one of them. A workaround is to drag the Bitmoji into a Google Drawing, shrink the canvas to fit, then download it as PNG. The new image should work. I’ll keep you updated if I learn anything new.

  3. HI there – I”m reading your post about “Memory Game with google slides”. I’m at the part where is says in point 2, to “delete all the elements”. I have no idea how to do that. Would you be able to walk me through that please

    1. Sure. Once you have downloaded what you want to set as your background and set that image, delete everything on your slide. I usually drag my cursor from top left to bottom right and then hit delete. You should then see the background.

  4. Hi, I am currently teaching at an elementary school in Korea. We have to do online classes, and Bitmoji is a great way to try and connect with them and add a personal and fun touch to my online materials. Thanks for your posts about them 🙂

  5. I was interested in making a digital escape room and I wasn’t sure if I needed to use Sway or not. I’ve created my picture/background in Google Slides but can’t seem to figure out how you got the links to work in Google Sites. Any ideas? Thank you! I totally went down the rabbit hole when I got on your site…I looked up and 2 hours had gone by and I was totally enjoying learning all you had to offer!

    1. Yay! I can’t wait to see it! I use Sites if it is available. Some districts won’t let students access sites and that is when I would use sway. In sites you can insert from drive and place your drawing or slide and form. You just need to make sure your share setting in slides or drawing is set for anyone to view.

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