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I presented at a conference, IN PERSON, this week and it was wonderful. I love presenting and presenting to a screen is definitely not the same as presenting to real people who have facial expressions and body language. I also love to give away stickers and that is so much easier in person.

While I was presenting, someone asked about how I got the “colors” on my Chrome tab. I told her about Chrome themes and how to find them.

Then, I realized, maybe others don’t know about Chrome themes. I use them because I usually have two accounts open at all times, my personal and school. I have them set to different themes so I can tell them apart quickly.

The grid one is my school and the words one is my personal.

Here is how you can do this too. Go to the Chrome Web Store and click on themes.

The main screen has a ton of themes but you can also search by education, math, spring, whatever you might be looking for.

HeyAshleyG is a TikToker who offeres a lot of fun Chrome themes. After you search her name, click more themes in the top right corner.

My word theme comes from Stefanie Posavak but I changed my background image to my desktop image.

My grid background is by American Apparel

When you find one you like, just click add to Chrome. If you don’t like it you can remove it.

If you want to get FANCY, you can click on the pencil icon in the bottom right corner of a new page and you can adjust your theme. This is how I added my own background page to the theme.

Will this make teaching better? Probably not. Will it make looking at your computer more fun? Absolutely! And, if you have more than one account open at a time, it makes identifying them easier.


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