I love icons. Maybe not as much as I love fonts, but close. Icons are a great way to help students use visuals if they aren’t comfortable drawing. They are also a great way to add visual appeal to your own creations.

Here are a few of my favorite icon places and a few news ones I just learned about.

The Noun Project

I was introduced to The Noun Project by Matt Miller. He is one of the MASTER’S at using icons to make graphics look AMAZING! He also shares ideas about how to use them with students.

Matt’s ideas can be found here.

Instructions to use icon’s from Matt.

The Noun Project has sooooo many icons and you can search by category. Black and white icons are free and you can pay a monthly fee for non-commercial use and color. Inside of Google Slides, you can also recolor the icons. I do give fair warning, you can search for non-school appropriate icons like “boobs” and there are icons for it. I tell my students it’s like using any other online resource, use is responsibly.

Here is a search for Collaboration:

Flat Icon

I learned about Flat Icon last year. It is also searchable and some of their icons are in full color. This one also includes icons that are not school appropriate and this time “boobs” will also be in color. 😂 Some of their icons are premium, so watch out for the little crown icon. You won’t be able to use those.

Here is a search for collaboration:

Icons 8

Icons 8 isn’t new to me. The user interface isn’t a slick as the first two and I honestly forget about it. It does have some great icons that are black and white and full color. Definitely worth checking out. You will also find full color “boobs” on this one too.

Here is a search for collaboration:


I just learned about this one this week. I knew you could look at all the Google fonts here but now you can search icons too. On the top right, click the icon button.

Best part, there are no “boobs”! This one is 100% totally school appropriate. They have two tone fonts, outlines and solid. There aren’t as many to choose from, but sometimes for students that is better anyway. Did I mention it was school appropriate! For some kiddos, they can’t handle the temptation.

Here is a search for collaboration:

Slides Templates

Most slide templates have a page or two of icons at the end of the template. It’s a little more work but you can also snag those and put them in a Google Slide for student choices. These should also be “boob” free! At least I’ve never seen anything inappropriate on the icons pages.

Some of my favorites are

Here is an example of an infographic I made in Google Drawing with icons.

I would love to see anything you make with icons or ideas you have to use them with your students. I love them and think it’s a fun way to add a little visual element to your creations.

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