Summer Learning

I love learning from and with other educators.  It’s almost a condition that I need to seek help for.  I was the student who loved college, loved my online learning opportunities for my master’s classes, love conferences, love good PD with our district… I love to learn and improve.  This summer, my learning opportunities have been greatly increased.  It started with the return of #SJSDEdWeek, WOW so much learning with my fellow colleagues.  I left motivated and inspired and grew my PLN from within my own district!  Next came ISTE.  I didn’t get to attend ISTE, but I did join the #notatiste15 google plus group and Voxer chat. Both Google+ communities and Voxer were new experiences for me.  I have a few books to consume this summer, one of them is Ditch That Textbook by @jmattmiller which has a Twitter chat and Voxer group at #DitchBook.  I, just tonight, joined the #HackLearning Voxer group.  @LauraGilchrist4 created a monster when she added me to the #notatiste15 group. I have become a Voxer junkie, but I love discussing ideas with people inside that medium.  It’s July, usually the month I put away my computer and all thoughts of school.  This summer I can’t shut my brain off thinking of all the ways I can make learning more relevant to students and help them become learners, not just doers.  I can’t wait to share with my students, colleagues, and you as I get to practice some of what I’m learning.

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