interactive notebooking, quadratics

Notebooking Switch

At semester, my Algebra 1 team decided to switch from interactive notebooks to note sheets.  We had received a lot of complaints from students and parents about spending time “gluing” in a high school classroom.  I loved notebooking, and it makes me sad to switch, but I want what best fits my students learning needs.  I’m still incorporating some parts of the interactive notebook and I will still try to use foldables and other interactive tools and just hole punch them and keep them in the binder.

One of my favorite parts of our notebook is the title page for the chapter.  We have our students track their own data for data teams, reflect over their mid-test formative assessment and create a goal for the unit.

Chapter 5 Title Page

I included some graphical elements into our note pages to make them more interesting. The note sheets below are for our quadratic unit.

Quadratic Note Sheets

So far our students like the “glue free” note sheets, and we haven’t had any complaints from parents about them.  Win-win!Name

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