inequalities, interactive notebooking


I feel like I always start a post, “I found this idea…” and it’s usually from one of two websites (mentioned frequently by me.)  I, however, feel like this is what makes the teaching profession great. WE SHARE! Well, this lesson is no different.  I found this idea 🙂 at Math=Love and adapted her idea to fit my notebook.  I created two foldables, one for graphing inequalities, one for graphing compound inequalities.  I used XBOX and Call of Duty in my foldable because we talk about gaming a lot!  I love to play video games and students love to talk about the video games they play.

2014-09-03 07.44.18Please disregard the extra “crap” behind the foldable.  This is one page that was definitely a work in progress.  Those are original ideas behind the foldables, not all the ideas are gems either.

We had examples for the students work on the next page and I walked around and helped and gave smiley faces.  It’s amazing what a smiley face will do for a student.

Screen Shot 1.4 iPad Notes

I’ve included the pdf version of all the files.  

iPad Notes

Graphing & Solving Inequalities

Compound Inequalities


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